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Before 1947 the town of Pandharpur had but two schools to educate its children. The V. J. High school run by the Nagarpalika (which is known as Lokmanya Vidyalaya today) and a privately run school (which is known as Apte middle school).

On 5 October (Vijayadashmi) 1956 the late Shri P.S. Kulkarni , G.D. Bhalvankar , Shri B.R. Ratnaparkhi , Shri C.S. Abhyankar and Shri A.C. Pathak established The PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY. These visionaries left the Lokmanya School with the ambition of starting a school that will provide an environment, which would create honest citizens with high self-esteem and confidence. They believed that teachers themselves should come together and help to mould the future of their students and by extension the society.

The task of starting an institution is easier said than done .The founders had to overcome countless hurdles in making the PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY THE SUCCESS STORY of the Solapur district.

This story began with a donation from the great philanthropist Late Shri Dattopant Kawthekar and his younger brother Shri Audumbarsheth Kawthekar. Together they donated 15000 rupees (A significant amount in those days)and 2.5 acres of land (the site where DH Kawthekar High school stands today) to the society . Shri K. B. Pharate provided the school with furniture, in recognition and respect of the status of the founder members. Shri K.V. Gharpure built the building and rented it to the PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY. Shri Khare was its building contractor. Shri B.R. Ratnaparkhi’s friend Dr. Bidari, who worked for the Mission Hospital, gave the school metal sheets required for its construction, from the mission hospital’s supply. These very metal sheets cover the third floor classrooms even today! These were the modest beginnings of what would become the educational powerhouse of Pandharpur and Solapur district. Kawthekar Prashala was built with the help of individuals who understood the crucial role education played in creating a better society. Unfortunately, many of these visionary donors are no more, but the school remains a testament to their memory and their cause.
THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY was registered under the act of 1860 and thereafter with the govt. of Maharashtra in 1950 under Trust Act. It has acquired 80/G certification, which makes donations to the society tax-free. In the past THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY ran the following institutions :
1. Chitalenagar Vidyamandir , Chitalenagar (Sadashivnagar)
2. Natepute High school, Natepute
3. Shri Bhavani Vidyalaya , Aatpaadi
THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY has handed over the running of these schools to the local bodies now.

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