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is involved in today.

• Kawthekar Prashala, Nath Chowk

When this school was inaugurated on the 12th of June 1947 it had a student strength of 150 and 5 teachers. Today it boasts of 2800 students with 66 teachers and 18 staff. The Kawthekar Prashsala has an auditorium where local social and cultural events are organized. Its library deserves a special mention here. It is one of Maharashtra’s largest libraries with a vast collection of old writings in Sanskrit and English literary work as well. It also contains ancient religious texts and books on science and technology nestled right next to each other. Many of Pandharpur’s intelligentsia has read from its shelves. Its reputation, commitment and dedication are so strong that even the floods of 1957 could not shake its foundations!
The work of Shri B.R. Ratnaparkhi was vital in establishing the authority of Kawthekar Prashala, Nath Chowk. Its first Principal was Shri P. S. Kulkarni.

• D H kawathekar Prashala

  THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY inaugurated its next school in 1968. Initially it had 625 students studying in 15 classrooms. At the present, it has 2217 students in 33 classrooms with 51 teachers and 17 staff employees. This growth is a direct product of the Prashala’s first Principal G. D. Bhalvankar’s tireless endeavor to continually improve and evolve the school. Shirish Paripatyadar , from the 1973 batch stood first in the SSC Maharashtra Board exams. The school’s Kabaddi Team has played at the national level many times. In recognition of the good work done at The Prashala the govt. has awarded a grant of Rs. 1,00,000 this year of which Rs. 50,000 have been received ( and has also received them in the past ) for the construction of a well equipped sports ground. THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY has spent Rs. 50 lakhs on the construction of an independent structure for the faculties of various disciplines.

• Adarshya Balmandir

On being granted Govt. accreditation in 1986 the Balmandir held two classes at Nath Mandir and one class at the D.H. Kawthekar Prashala with strength of 105 students all told. Today, 553 students attend with 13 teachers and 5 staff. The tiny tots enjoy learning and playing using modern educational tools.

• Adarshya Prathamik Mandir

Beginning with 125 students on the 9th of June 1988 Adarshya Prathamik Mandir has 1082 students, 12 teachers and 2 staff members today. It is run on Govt. grant and all its teachers have attended SMART P.T. training. Its activities include the mid-day meal program and such other government social schemes. The students are taken on annual field trips. The Adarshya Prathamik Mandir believes that these activities bring out the best in the students. Our success can be measured in, the success of our students at the pre-secondary scholarship examination and in extra curricular activities such as science exhibitions held at the state level.

• Panchratna English Medium School

In response to the growing demand for a school with English as its medium of instruction, THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY established the Panchratna English Medium School on 15th June 2003 with an humble beginning of 26 students in Jr. KG. It provides the students with an enriching environment with the help of educational toys and books.

• Computer Department

THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY’s Information Technology Dept. is fast becoming the coveted choice of Pandharpur’s students. The students of Kavthekar Prashala at Nath Chouk and D.H. Kavthekar Prashala use its infrastructure in their preparation for SSC Board’s Computer Science exams. The Dept. provides its students with hand on learning in its two computer labs. Mrs. M.M.Ratnparkhi is the Head of the Dept. The computer labs have 2 P.Cs, 40 terminals and 2 printers. All the students attending institutions of THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY have access to these labs.

• Extra activities

THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY also holds typewriting and music exams affiliated to Gandharwa Mahavidyalaya. The drivers of the THE PANDHARPUR EDUCATION SOCIETY’s success are Shri. B.R.Ratnparkhi and Shri. A.C.Pathak. They manage all the activities of the Society with a deep sense of commitment and responsibility.
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